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Join the Worldwide Consecration

Commit today to make a Consecration to St. Joseph during the “Year of St. Joseph.” 


Commit now to make your consecration to St. Joseph

The Year of St. Joseph. One consecration.

The significance of the Year of St. Joseph, coupled with the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in the world today, has prompted the need for a worldwide consecration to St. Joseph.  Please sign-up today to pledge your commitment to make a consecration to St. Joseph this year!

Through your participation and encouragement to others, this can be the largest spiritual consecration in history! In this Year of St. Joseph, let’s join together for an outpouring of grace. Let us each entrust ourselves entirely to St. Joseph and, in the words of Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, “become a faithful, loving, and trusting companion to Jesus and Mary!”

With a Father’s Heart

“Even through Joseph’s fears, God’s will, his history and his plan were at work. Joseph, then, teaches us that faith in God includes believing that he can work even through our fears, our frailties and our weaknesses.”

– Pope Francis


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Now is the time of St. Joseph!

Please help us in our mission to consecrate the entire world to St. Joseph during this special year, by sharing this website with as many people as you know.


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